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Most healthcare workers are so busy looking after other people to even think about claiming a tax rebate.

That’s why many healthcare professionals are unaware that they have paid more than their fair share of tax by not reclaiming their tax rebate.

You can apply for tax relief on several everyday items that you maybe don’t even count as a ‘work expense’, like: laundering your uniforms, subscription fees to professional organisations and work travel in your private vehicle.

Apply or miss out…

You must apply – if you don’t, nothing will be refunded automatically. It needs to be reclaimed directly from HMRC and can be backdated for the last 4 tax years. Your tax code will be changed to include your work expenses which will bring future tax bills down too.

Carry on reading to see which of the many available tax reliefs apply to you and then complete our simple contact form below to get your healthcare worker tax claim started.

Am I eligible for a healthcare worker tax rebate?

If you have paid tax, then yes! Here are some examples of what a healthcare worker can claim for:

  • Professional fees
    For the majority of the Health Sector’s professional organisations, like the Nursing Midwifery Council (NMC) and Royal College of Nurses (RCN). You can even claim for UNISON membership and some other Trade Union subscription costs.
  • Uniform
    The cost of washing your uniform, if no laundry facilities are made available by your employer and the cost is not reimbursed.
  • Shoes and tights
    This is for NHS and private sector Nurses – as long as you meet the cost of shoes and tights yourself.
  • Using your car
    Using your own car to travel to different work locations. For example an NHS community support worker traveling to clients.
  • Widening Access Training Scheme
    If you were employed under the WAT scheme from 1999 you might be able to claim an income tax and national insurance rebate.

About our healthcare worker tax rebate service

We help both NHS and private sector workers. Our no rebate no fee policy means there’s no risk for you. And because we have a 98% success rate − with an average tax rebate of over £900 – using us could be one of the best decisions you make.

  • Professional healthcare worker tax back service − we use qualified tax professionals. Our reputation and service is second to none.
  • Maximum healthcare worker tax rebate – guaranteed.
  • Future tax savings – with a new tax code reducing the tax you pay.


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