How to get money for you, your friends and the NSPCC

We are delighted to introduce our new strategy to support the NSPCC. A very simple add on to our refer a friend scheme. From the 01/01/2020 we will be donating £5 to the NSPCC for every referred claim.

How does Tax Rebate Services’ refer a friend scheme work?

It’s simplicity itself:

  • You refer a friend to us.
  • We get them a minimum of £250 tax rebate.
  • You get a cheque for £25.00.
  • NSPCC gets a donation of £5.00 from us.

That’s it. A win-win-win situation. An amazing charity gets a donation. Your friend gets a substantial, and probably unexpected, tax rebate. You get £25.00 cash as a thanks to you. And we get lovely new clients.

Our commitment to the NSPCC

We have been a corporate donor to the NSPCC for many years and are always looking for other ways to support their work. Adding this element into our refer a friend scheme means you can all share the goodwill.

At Tax Rebate Services, we are lucky enough to have an excellent client base. We like working with good people. And good people tend to know other good people. So getting referred by decent folks like yourselves enables us to continue to build our enviable client list.

Refer a friend terms

There is no catch to our refer a friend scheme. Like anything, there are some terms and conditions. But even they aren’t particularly complex.

You – the referee

Let’s start with you. You must be 18 years old, or over, to participate in the scheme. You don’t have to be a current, or previous, client of ours. Perhaps you’ve just heard good things from other people and know someone that needs our help. Maybe you follow us online and can tell from our blogs that we know our stuff. And you can refer as many friends as you like, there is no upper limit.

Referral reward

Now for the money side of things. The person you refer must get a tax rebate of at least £250.00, then you receive your £25.00. The £25.00 referral bonus will not be paid on any rebate valued at less than this. To put this in context, the average rebate we secure for our clients is £900, across all different industries. You will get your cheque within 28 days of the tax rebate application being settled by HMRC.

New client eligibility

Finally, the referred person is only eligible if they are not a previous client of ours. Also, the person you refer needs to give your details when they first contact us. Specifically, we need your full name and postal address. If you have been one of our customers, we will also need your client reference number please.

How do I know who to refer to you?

This is a great question. Basically, if you have received a tax rebate there’s a very good chance you might work with or know someone that could be in the same situation.

Who can get a tax rebate? Anyone that is paying UK income tax. That includes full time, part time, self employed, PAYE, one job, multiple jobs, CIS contractors, students…the list goes on. Anyone that earning over the Personal Allowance threshold may be able to claim tax relief or allowances.

There are a whole range of different work expenses that anyone can claim if they fit the criteria. People are often surprised that these aren’t just for the self employed. For example a car mechanic who has to buy his own tool box, hand tools and diagnostic equipment.

Have a think through everyone you know. Who does what? Have they mentioned getting a tax rebate? Do they ever talk about doing it themselves, but don’t bother because it’s too much hassle? Are they putting it off because they don’t know what to do? These are the people you should refer to us. The chances are, we can help them secure a substantial tax rebate.

What do I do to refer my friends?

You have options:

Remember you get £25.00 per person, so don’t leave anyone out.


Tony Shanks
Operations Director
Member of the ATT

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