A partnership to be proud of: Tax Rebate Services and the NSPCC

Tax Rebate Services donates nearly £30000 to the NSPCC

Princess Margaret opened Carlisle’s NSPCC Service Centre in 1987. That’s 33 years of commitment to the young people of our city. They continue to provide their crucial support to children and families in the most difficult of circumstances.

Business support since 2012

Tax Rebate Services has donated to the NSPCC for the last eight years. This cumulative total now stands at £28,247. We are hugely proud of our connection to this charity. The structure of its funding distribution means that locally raised money goes directly into the Carlisle Service Centre.

As a local business, we are delighted to be able to give back to the area in this way. It’s a real investment in the emotional, mental and physical health of our children.

What does the NSPCC Carlisle Service Centre do?

One of the many reasons we admire the work of the NSPCC is that they stand alongside children as they face the most difficult issues. Things that shouldn’t be part of anyone’s childhood. As part of their work at the NSPCC Carlisle Service Centre, they currently run the following programmes:

Letting the Future In: this is for people between age 4 and 17 to work through their experiences of sexual abuse. Play therapy gives them a safe space to explore and process their feelings, so that they can “rebuild their lives…and look forward to the future”.

Turn the Page: This is for people between the ages of 4 and 18 who have sexually harmed another child or young person. Professionals can refer them to this programme, which helps them recognise and deal with the feelings that lie underneath their damaging behaviour.

Protect and Respect: This is a service for young people between 11 and 18 who have experienced exploitation. They can be referred to this six month intensive programme by other professional agencies. There is a second strand to this programme which focuses on children and their families that need help to identify healthy relationship behaviours.

All serious issues with enormous consequences for every individual involved. These are the types of news reports that may instinctively make you turn away in horror. But the NSPCC ensures that children and young people are not facing such traumas alone.

Our region is fortunate to have these programmes running from the Carlisle Service Centre, they are not available everywhere.

A thank you to all of our clients

We would like to thank all of our clients old and new who by using our tax and accountancy services have allowed us to give something back to the NSPCC. It’s good to know if you have just claimed a tool tax rebate or submitted your self assessment tax return that you have also helped such a worthy cause.

At Tax Rebate Services, we feel that continuing our financial support for as long as possible is the least we can do.


Tony Shanks
Operations Director
Member of the ATT

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