How to tell HMRC you have changed address

If you’ve changed address it’s best to let HMRC know as soon as you can.

HMRC have streamlined the process for individuals to update their address information online, making it faster and more convenient.

By using the change of address service HMRC customers can now swiftly change their address details and receive immediate acknowledgement – giving you peace of mind without having to reach out to HMRC directly.

It’s looked upon as your responsibility to keep your personal information up to date. If you miss an important piece of post that was sent to an old address (and you didn’t let HMRC know about it) the blame will lie with you.

How do I change my address online with HMRC?

The online HMRC change of address form is quick and easy so shouldn’t take you too long to complete.

To use the form you need to sign in using your government gateway user ID and password. If you don’t already have an ID and password, this can be created on the same sign in page.

If you are in self assessment you can amend your address using your online self assessment account.

Nowadays the easiest way to update your address and other personal information is online but  you can call HMRC and write to them if you need to.

Change your address with the HMRC app

The HMRC app is quick and easy to use and can be downloaded from:

After you’ve downloaded the app you can access the change of address option.

Once this is all set up, sign-in to the HMRC app can be even faster with a pin, fingerprint or facial recognition depending on what your device supports.

HMRC have put together a quick youtube video which can guide you through what to do if you are struggling.

Change of address with the personal tax account

Your personal tax account has a change of address feature giving HMRC what they need.

Self employed and changing your address with HMRC

You can use your business tax account or your personal tax account and don’t assume your accountant or tax advisor will let HMRC know about your change in address.

Is it important to HMRC about a change in my address?

It’s crucial that you tell HMRC about any changes in residential address so you continue receiving essential updates regarding your rights and responsibilities.

You don’t want to miss out on your new notice of coding or self assessment tax return reminder. This type of information needs to be checked by you, to keep you up to date and to ensure you don’t pay too much income tax.

Negligence in updating HMRC about your altered address may lead to missing vital data regarding taxes, potentially leading to penalties.

Other personal information to update HMRC with include a change in your name, relationship status or gender.

Which HMRC services can I update my address online?

Income tax, national insurance, state pension, tax credits and child benefit.

Other services may be added by HMRC in the future.

Don’t rely on your employer to tell HMRC about your address

If you change address you will let your employer know but don’t assume they will automatically tell HMRC.

Your employer will typically only use your address for internal purposes and is not obliged to update HMRC.

What will HMRC do when I have update my address?

When you’ve updated your address online HMRC will change your address relating to income tax, national insurance, tax benefits, child benefit and pensions.

You will subsequently receive an electronic mail that will either: authenticate your updated particulars, or request additional data, such as legal paperwork associated with a change of name for example.

HMRC understands that relocating is a highly demanding period, with numerous aspects requiring attention but really appreciates your help in keeping your tax record up to date.


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