Teacher Tax Rebate Example

A Teacher Tax Rebate Example

Education Industry Tax Claim Facts

Miss A Tudor is a primary school teacher of five years and contacted TaxRebateServices.co.uk last year to help her claim back a teacher tax rebate for her union fees. Miss Tudor has paid professional fees into the National Union of Teachers (NUT), and up to last tax year the General Teaching Council  (GTC).

We knew we could help immediately and asked Miss Tudor a few more questions to find out if we could claim any additional tax relief for expenses incurred because of her job. The result was that not only could we help with claiming tax relief for her professional fees, but for sports clothing bought because she had to take her pupils for P.E lessons as part of the curriculum.

We made a teacher tax rebate claim for Miss Tudor, and within six weeks had negotiated a tax rebate of £457! This made Miss Tudor very happy as she got a lot more than she thought she would, and received tax relief for work related expenses that she didn’t know about.

In addition her tax code was amended taking into consideration her professional fees and job related expenses, resulting in her paying less tax in future years, as long as her circumstances don’t change.

Miss Tudor said “thanks for your help, I got more back than if I did it myself! I will be telling my friends at work.”

TaxRebateservices.co.uk specialises in helping professionals in the education sector and can help you claim a teacher tax rebate today!


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