Leeds Tax Rebate Guide

Do you work in Leeds and pay UK income tax on your salary?

Then you are probably one of the thousands of Leeds citizens that are owed UK tax rebates for work lots of different reasons.

Find out what tax back you’re entitled to in Leeds, West Yorkshire and learn how to make a claim.

Whether you are part of the construction team working on the Central Square project, a nurse at St James’s University Hospital or a shop assistant in one of the 1,000 shops in Trinity Leeds Shopping Centre – don’t miss out because you don’t know!

Tax relief is for anyone paying UK income tax, native Britons and international visitors alike.

Uniform tax refunds in Leeds

You can claim for the cost of replacing items of uniform, as long as you are not reimbursed by your employer. You can also make a claim for the cost of washing your uniform at home, if no laundry facilities are provided at work.

Travelling in Leeds for work

The rules around travel expenses are very detailed and don’t include a daily commute to a permanent workplace. But if you travel between different work locations then you could claim for using public transport and using your own vehicle. For example, if you have to travel to different construction sites.

Protective clothing and equipment

This means tools!! Any tradesperson will tell you that they buy at least some of their own tools and health and safety gear. If you use it solely for work – and who doesn’t wear steelies to sofa surf?! Then you have a legitimate claim. So, whether you are working on Sovereign Square, Wellington Street or the Station upgrade, you could be entitled to a tidy sum.

Trade Union and Professional Body fees

Many professional bodies and Trade Unions have an agreement with HMRC to allow their members to reclaim the tax spent on their membership fees; such as UNISON, NUT and The Royal College of Nurses.

Don’t I need a load of receipts?

Not necessarily, the amount of supporting evidence varies between regulations.

Leeds tax rebate facts

  • You can backdate an initial claim for 4 years.
  • Like the impressive Royal Armouries making a claim is free.
  • Your tax relief claim is a private communication between you and HMRC. Your employer is not involved at it bears no relation to your status living in Britain.

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