Can someone else do my tax return for me?

Yes, you can appoint someone else to do your tax return.

Aside from the initial relief that you don’t have to learn fluent ‘tax speak’, using a tax professional definitely saves you a substantial amount of time and instils the peace of mind that your tax return is being handled by a professional.

There are several benefits of using a fully qualified, professionally regulated tax agent to do your tax return:

  • Initial calculation of your current tax position
  • Take into account all your tax affairs
  • Total accuracy – you meet your full tax liability and avoid fines for mistakes
  • Deadlines met – ‘clean’ tax record and no financial penalties for lateness
  • Maximise tax efficiency – all legitimate tax allowances and reliefs included, understands tax return within the context of wider financial situation
  • Know exactly what evidence is need to support any tax relief claim
  • End-to-end service – from first conversation, through submission and answering HMRC queries, to completion and tracking of any tax rebate cheque
  • Explain your tax position so that you fully understand – you are still legally responsible for declaring and paying the right amount of tax
  • Communicates with HMRC on your behalf – no long phone queues or tricky questions for you

Other people

It’s not just accountants you can appoint to help you with your tax return. For example you can ask a friend or family member to help you out.


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