What evidence do I need for a mileage claim?

The type of evidence you need depends on a few factors which we will cover below.

The type of information needed varies from person to person; a joiner travelling to different sites will need different records from a sales person who travels to clients and is paid a mileage allowance by their employer.

Mileage records

Some of the best forms of evidence to ensure a successful mileage claim include:

  • The name and address of where you have travelled to with dates. This could be in the form of a diary or spreadsheet listing the details in date order.
  • Pay-slips or a statement confirming any mileage or travel allowance paid to you by your employer.
  • A contract of employment to show your job title and the fact that you have to travel to temporary workplaces because of your job.

Your own set of circumstances will determine what records are required. Your employer should be able to help if you haven’t got all your payslips or need a statement to show how much they’ve paid you for using your own car.

I don’t have complete mileage records, can I still claim?

Yes, but things can become a bit more difficult because HMRC do need some proof confirming that your workplace is ‘temporary’ and the distance you travelled.

Other evidence that can be accepted includes a statement from your employer which explains your job title and temporary workplace status.

Claim your mileage tax rebate

The most direct route to getting your mileage tax rebate is to fill in a P87 or self assessment tax return and send it straight to HMRC. It’s a really good idea to have all your mileage records in order before you start the process. Then there’s no rushing around if HMRC need to double check something.

HMRC’s simple online system is the easiest way to do it, but there’s a postal option available. The length of HMRC’s processing time varies and they’ll let you know the current timescale when you apply.  After assessing your claim, HMRC will then issue your tax refund.

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