What is the CIS Tax Rebate Calculator for?

We provide our CIS Tax Rebate Calculator so that you can get a personalised estimate of the value of your claim. It is completely free, you don’t pay with money or your data. You input three figures that define your financial situation and it works out an estimate of how much tax back you can claim.

The calculator does not collect any information and it does not ask for your name, or any other identifying information.

To use the calculator, you need to know your total gross self employed income (no tax taken off), the total of any expenses you have and the amount of tax you paid for the tax year in question.

The estimation does not take into account any late filing penalties on your account or amounts owing to HMRC.

Calculate your CIS refund before submitting your tax return

For your own financial planning purposes it’s handy to get a good estimate of how much you may be owed back before you submit your tax return.

How do I know if I am a CIS sub contractor and not paid through PAYE?

Lots of people in the construction industry are employed by and get paid by one company. This can lead to confusion around whether you are in the PAYE or CIS system, particularly if your income tax is already deducted from your pay before you get it.

Sometimes you can have income from both PAYE and self employment under CIS in any one tax year. This isn’t a problem it just means the income and any expenses need split and reflected in the corresponding sections on your self assessment tax return.

The CIS scheme is unique to the construction industry and isn’t like any other self employed tax situation.

It is possible that two people working on the same site may appear to have the same working arrangements, but one is in full PAYE employment and the other is working under the construction industry scheme.

You need to look carefully at your payslip to see if your deductions are 20% (not 30%) and if it says ‘CIS statement’ anywhere. If you can identify both of these things then your tax is being paid within the Construction Industry Scheme.


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