Tips on How to Claim Expenses

If you’re employed and have expenses because of your job, you will normally be entitled to make a claim for work expenses on your taxes.

How to claim expenses depends on the type of work expenses you are claiming, and the amount you are needing to claim back. There are two ways you can claim your work expenses on taxes, which are through correspondence under the PAYE system or by completing a self-assessment tax return.

How to claim expenses under PAYE

Having work expenses which total less than £2500 per tax year, will mean you can make an expenses claim by way of correspondence. The type of work expenses you are claiming will dictate what evidence you need to provide with your expenses claim.

How to claim expenses under Self-Assessment

If your work expenses total £2500 or more per tax year, you will usually need to complete a self-assessment tax return. The quickest and safest method to complete your tax return is online. When a tax return has been issued by the tax office you will have to complete it within a strict timescale, or you will be fined a late filing penalty.

What work expenses can I claim for?

Tax relief can be claimed back on several different kinds of work expenses and these include:

Claiming work expenses example

Mr. Dodd is salesman and is claiming petrol expenses because he uses his own car to travel to different temporary workplaces. His petrol expenses total £3300, which means the tax office require a self-assessment tax return to be completed. Mr. Dodd is a not a higher rate tax payer and gets 20% tax relief on his petrol expenses, which means he should be entitled to a tax rebate worth in the region of £660.

How to claim your work expenses

Making a claim for work related expenses can be daunting and complicated. It’s vital you know what you can claim for, and only try and claim back legitimate expenses. Tax Rebate Services has many years of expertise in reclaiming job related expenses, and can help you get the highest tax rebate in the shortest time.

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