Tax and Expenses

Tax and Expenses

If you are employed and pay for expenses because of your job – you can claim a PAYE tax rebate! A PAYE tax rebate can be backdated for the last four tax years and, unless you actively seek to make a claim, you will not be refunded the tax you are entitled to.


What is PAYE Tax?

PAYE stands for Pay As You Earn. It is a method by which tax is collected by employers when they pay you. The vast majority of UK tax payers pay tax through the PAYE system. Unless you are self employed it is likely that you pay tax in this way.


Who can claim tax relief on expenses?

Anyone who is employed and pays tax through PAYE is eligible to claim a PAYE tax rebate. One of the most common reasons that tax rebates can be claimed for is because of unclaimed tax relief on expenses. The tax relief you can claim depends on the type of expenses you have.


What expenses can I claim on tax?

  • Business mileage tax relief

If you use your own car or public transport for work related journeys you should be eligible to claim tax relief. Normal commuting is not classed as business mileage and therefore not permitted for tax relief.

  • Purchasing your own tools or other equipment

Those who buy their own tools or equipment for use in their job, and who are not reimbursed by their employer, can make a tool tax rebate claim

  • Payment for membership of professional bodies

A lot of professional bodies have an agreement with HMRC that there membership fees are tax deductible

  • Washing your own uniform

If you wear a uniform for your job that has a logo on it, and you are not reimbursed by your employer for washing expenses, you should be able to claim back uniform tax relief

Claiming tax relief for the expenses listed above, as well as various other circumstances, can result in you being due a tax refund under PAYE. In a lot of cases tax refunds are not be made automatically, you will have to make a claim.


How to claim tax on your expenses specialises in dealing with tax and expenses claims, and can help you claim back your tax rebate.  Call our team today on 0845 094 0005 or 01228 520477 to make your claim.

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