Can I claim NMC tax relief?

Yes. If you pay for your NMC fee yourself you will be eligible to claim a tax rebate on the cost. All registered Nurses need to be a member of the Nursing Midwifery Council ( NMC ), and most need to pay for it themselves. An agreement is in place that tax relief can be claimed back on 100% of the cost of NMC registration.

How far back can I claim for?

Four years is as far back as you can go. When you make a claim you’ll get any tax relief you are owed for the last four years, and get a new tax code meaning you will pay less tax in the future.

Can I claim for anything else?

It’s likely that as a Nurse or healthcare professional you’ll have other expenses because of your job. Tax relief can be claimed back on some of these costs like:

  • Other professional bodies or a union for example the RCN or UNISON, if this is the case these fees are normally available for tax relief and can be included in your NMC tax relief claim.
  • Washing of your own uniform and you are not provided facilities by your employer,
  • Shoes and tights
  • Using your own car in the course of your duties, but not for normal commuting,
  • Equipment that you have to buy for work

How do I make a claim?

You can use our service which has been helping Nurses and healthcare professionals for a long time. We make it easy and ensure you get all you are entitled to in the shortest time.

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“A friend recommended your company to me, as you’d got her a refund on her tax. I have been a Nurse for 5 years and didn’t even know I could claim. The advisor was helpful and friendly and could answer all my questions. Thank you for all your help.”

T Ball, Nurse, Merseyside,

Received a £262 NMC tax refund


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