DVLA inviting motorists to test driver and vehicle account service

On the 2 August 2023 the DVLA announced a new online platform for drivers called the driver and vehicle account service.

The driving and vehicle licensing agency (DVLA) is tasked with maintaining over 50 million driver records and 40 million vehicle documents so using digital solutions like the driver and vehicle account service to bring efficiencies and better customer service makes sense for everyone.

The entire process aims at simplifying administrative tasks related motorist information management while offering options that cater better towards modern day digital communication preferences.

The driver and vehicle account services enables motorists easy access to all their driver and vehicle details in one convenient location.

It has been released as a public beta with the DVLA encouraging users to share feedback for its further development.

Julie Lennard, DVLA Chief Executive, said:

“We are asking motorists to help us test the service. It’s free, and simple to sign up for an account. This new service is being developed and we will be adding more features but we want to give customers access as early as possible so they can try it out and let us have their feedback.”

Who is eligible for the driver and vehicles account service?

The driver and vehicles account is accessible solely to GB driving license owners who also have a UK passport.

It’s not applicable in Northern Ireland where the driver & vehicle agency (DVA) Northern Ireland takes charge of licensing drivers while maintaining those records instead of DVLA.

What does the driver and vehicles account let me do?

After setting up your account the driver and vehicles account will let you:

  • Driver licence information like your sixteen digit drivers licence number.
  • Check driving licence penalty points.
  • Check driving licence endorsements.
  • Registered vehicle(s) MOT information.
  • Registered vehicle(s) vehicle tax information.
  • Schedule reminders via email or SMS text messages about vehicle tax (a feature available for the first time).
  • Update contact preferences like opting out of receiving postal reminders on vehicle taxes.

In the future the account is set to incorporate further services such as:

Initiating the application for an initial provisional driving permit and providing a ten year license renewal service where you can apply, upload photos and monitor progress.

How do I sign up for the driver and vehicles account service?

Signing up for the driver and vehicles account should be simple and take approximately five minutes only.

UK passport holders who are motorists can establish an account today and share their thoughts on the new service at www.gov.uk/driver-vehicles-account.

For setting up a ‘Driver and vehicles account’ motorists need to:

  • Visit www.gov.uk/driver-vehicles-account.
  • Supply a personal email address.
  • Validate their information through a one time code sent via email.
  • Give personal details: name, date of birth, residential address confirm identity using their UK passport (including those expired within the past year).
  • Provide either a GB driving license or national insurance number (DVLA might conduct additional checks for identification) set up a secure password.


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