UK Non Resident Tax Return Services

The UK non resident tax rules are complicated and can quickly become confusing. They are very different to the rules that apply to UK residents.

There’s no one size fits all approach when it comes to non-residency and UK income tax which is why you need to establish your UK tax residency based on your own set of circumstances.

If you are classed as a UK non resident it normally involves submitting a Self Assessment tax return or an R43, to declare your non resident and UK income tax information. Getting your non residency status wrong can result in penalties and unwanted tax bills.

It makes sense to have a UK based company that understands the complex tax laws working on your behalf so you get things right first time.

About our non resident tax return service

When you’re dealing with your tax affairs you need to be happy with who is acting on your behalf especially if you’re living in another country. Our experts will help you decide your tax residency status by using the statutory residence test and then let you know how our service can best support you.


  • Are regulated and managed by qualified experts.
  • Are flexible no rebate no fee or fixed accountancy fees available.
  • Are trusted by non residents for over 15 years.
  • Handle all aspects including questions and correspondence from HMRC.
  • Complete any tax returns at no extra cost.

After talking everything through with you we’ll make your claim tailor made around your circumstances.

Non residents we have helped

We have listed below some of the reasons why our clients have received a repayment of tax from the UK. In some of the cases we have also claimed back national insurance refunds:

You can use our free UK non-resident tax guide to learn more about tax in the UK whilst living overseas.

How our non resident tax services can help you

Tax Rebate Services uses over 30 years of experience to deliver a top notch tax service in the UK, to make sure UK non residents only pay the tax they need to.

We are professionally regulated, highly qualified and committed to consistent customer service excellence. We use clear language to ensure that your part of the process is kept straightforward and time efficient.

Trying to navigate your way through a double taxation treaty is never fun. That’s why you have an open invitation to get in touch and discover how we can help you to only pay the tax you need to.

Fill in our online contact form on this page or call us on +44 01228 236077 to speak to an expert today.

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