How to Pay Your Self-Assessment Tax Bill

There are several different ways you can pay your tax bill to HMRC. Most people are aware that there are substantial financial penalties if you miss the payment deadlines, as well as being charged interest payments. It is crucial that you consider the length of time it takes payment to reach HMRC, when you are […]

Savers and Investors Lower Tax Bills

Maximising your legitimate allowances and minimising your tax bill is not the same as hoarding thousands in an offshore tax haven; it’s simply good common sense. The latest changes coming into effect in April 2016 particular affect people who have any investments or savings. So don’t miss out on how you can cut your tax […]


The Public Accounts Committee has hammered HMRC again in their most recent report. It identifies HMRC’s failings on two fronts; tax avoidance and evasion, and, unsurprisingly, customer service. How HMRC performs effects everyone from PAYE tax payers all the way through to multi national companies.   The Labour MP Meg Hillier, who chairs the PAC, […]

Annual Tax Summary Guide

Currently, about 30 million of us receive an annual, personalised Tax Summary. This will soon be available to all UK taxpayers through the government’s Personal Tax Account initiative. The intention is that these accounts will have similar operating functions to your online bank account and will facilitate a host of different services.   The new […]

What is my Employment Status?

Am I self-employed, employed, both or neither?   Does my work status matter? Yes! It can be surprisingly difficult to define your employment status as either employed, self-employed, both or neither. It is hugely important because it affects how much tax and National Insurance Contributions you pay. The payment process also differs, depending on your employment status. […]

HMRC Tax Refund Delays

We reported earlier in the year that HMRC are experiencing difficulties in repaying PAYE tax refunds. The delays being caused are unprecedented and causing concern for many PAYE tax payers.   Why are there tax refund delays? The timescales involved in reclaiming a PAYE income tax rebate can fluctuate depending on how it is processed […]

BABCP Fees Tax Relief

Are you one of the’s nearly 10,000 members of British Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies?   Your field of expertise intertwines with many others in the care and education sectors, leading to a very diverse range of members; GPs, psychiatrists, social workers, teachers, occupational therapists, clinical psychologists, nurses, counsellors, educational psychologists, speech therapists, researchers and academics. […]

NAPC Tax Relief

Did you know that your membership fee into the National Association of Primary Care can be included as part of your tax rebate claim? There is an impressively broad list of ways in which the NAPC supports its members in reaching these goals including business support services, online translation services and discounted professional training. Of […]

Tax Rebate Services Employer Partner Scheme

How would you feel if you could boost your employees’ morale and get them some cash back that they didn’t know they were owed?   Exactly…Great!   As the whole country scrimps and saves its way out of our financial hole, it is almost impossible for any company or organisation to give out pay rises. […]

Institute of Clinical Research Tax Relief

Are you a member of the Institute of Clinical Research?   You can claim a tax rebate on your subscription fee! The Institute of Clinical Research is an organisation for the range of professionals who create and carry out human clinical trials. As a member you have access to their support, networking opportunities and world […]

Cabin Crew Tax Rebate EIM 50070

Did you know that Cabin Crew are entitled to tax relief on £720 per year? Read on! Unite Union have negotiated an agreement with the Tax Office on behalf of all Cabin Crew. This is called a Flat Rate Expense agreement ( EIM50070 ) and means that all flight attendants can claim the same amount […]

Advisory Fuel Rates 2015/2016

What are Advisory Fuel Rates? Advisory Fuel Rates are set by HMRC and are the recommended amounts that drivers can claim back for business mileage in a company car. They can change during the year because they are reviewed every quarter in February, May, August and November. This allows for fluctuating fuel prices to be […]

Training courses tax relief

There are some jobs where external education is a contractual obligation and is therefore considered to be allowable for tax relief.  These usually involve research based jobs or careers that include training phases that necessitate external education as part of the employment contract.     What you have to prove to claim tax relief for […]

HMRC Emails Real of Fake?

Got an email from HMRC? Make sure it’s genuine before you reply.   In February 2014, it was reported in The Telegraph that HMRC received 23,247 reports of fraudulent emails sent just in the 3 month count down to the 31st January self-assessment deadline. Imagine how many were actually sent if that was the number reported! […]

Non Resident Pension and Savings Tax Relief

There are thousands of British non-residents unnecessarily paying UK tax on their UK income, savings and private pensions. This is often due to UK non- residents not knowing the facts about their tax situation or because they haven’t informed Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs of their status.   Income Tax is automatically deducted from your […]

Refer a Friend and earn £25!

We love a referral at Tax Rebate Services. Lot’s of our client’s let their friends and family know about us – especially after we’ve just got them a tax rebate! Our new refer a friend scheme let’s more people in on the action and it’s never been easier to start earning.   It’s really easy. […]

Tax Rebate Services Donates £10k to NSPCC

Tax Rebate Services are proud to announce that we’ve given away almost £10,000 to the NSPCC.   We’ve donated an eye-watering £9649 to the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children which is a fantastic achievement.   Without our client’s using our range of tax and accountancy services none of this would have […]

Job Seekers Allowance Tax Rebate

It’s common to be owed a tax rebate if you have had a gap in employment but it’s important to remember that you will normally need to pay tax on any Job Seekers Allowance payments depending on the amount of other income you have.   What you need to know Job Seekers Allowance is a […]

British Association for Nursing Cardiovascular Care

According to the British Heart Foundation there are currently 2.3 million people in Britain who are living with coronary heart disease. Every one of those people are being expertly cared for by a nurse who specialises in cardiovascular care.   Do you belong to The British Association for Nursing in Cardiovascular Care? You should be reclaiming […]

Taxpayers’ rights eroded by High Court judgement

As we recently reported, HMRC have been granted extensive new tax collection powers which include taxpayers having to pay tax bills within 3 months, or face having the money removed from our current accounts and ISAs. You could also face additional charges and fines if HMRC think that you have been abusing the tax relief […]

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