P358 Claiming for Professional Fees

What is form P358 used for? Form P358 is used to claim income tax relief on the cost of paying subscriptions and membership fees to professional bodies. When should I use this form? If you are not submitting a claim for these particular work expenses through your Self-Assessment tax return or by writing to the […]

Tax Relief for JRCPTB fees

If you are a member of the Joint Royal Colleges of Physicians Training Board (JRCPTB) you can claim tax relief on your membership fees.   As paying the training registration fee to JRCPTB is mandatory, HMRC have now agreed that this cost is eligible for tax relief. This applies to all fees paid on or after […]

Tax Relief for Doctors Training Fees

If you are a Doctor and pay for your own training costs you may be able to claim a tax rebate. The rules surrounding what is and isn’t allowable can sometimes be confusing. An example of one Doctor who was successful is Dr Banerjee whose case was taken to the court of appeal.   A […]

EIM61018 Tax Relief for Doctors Explained

Who does it apply to? EIM 61018 applies to all qualified doctors and junior doctors.   What is EIM61018 for? EIM 61018 concerns tax relief for training expenses borne by doctors. It states that CPD is NOT something that doctors and trainee doctors can claim.   Who doesn’t it apply to? The Courts and HMRC […]

TRS donates over £10,500 to NSPCC

We take supporting the NSPCC seriously and are proud to be able to help the children who need it the most. Wendy Bates North Head of Region NSPCC has visited Tax Rebate Services HQ to thank us for our fund raising efforts totaling £10542.55. Tony, Operations Director at Tax Rebate Services, said “I’m delighted we can […]

Royal College of Physicians Tax Relief

If you a trainee doctor undertaking core or speciality training as part of a UK employment contract, then there are a number of tax reliefs you may be eligible to claim. This applies to members of the the Royal College of Physicians meaning the fees that you have to pay to sit MRCP(UK) and SCE […]

HMRC planning ‘lifestyle vans’ tax

It is rumoured that the government is looking to squeeze more tax out of the high-end van market with the introduction of a new ‘benefit-in-kind’ type scheme. This would apply to vans and trucks with ‘extras’ such as leather seats, air conditioning, alloys and DAB radios. So, more cash paid to HMRC for those businesses […]

Fake HMRC Emails – Recognising and Reporting

If you have ever received an email telling you about a tax rebate or asking you to pay a bill – it is NOT from HMRC. They never do either of these things by email and neither do they ask for personal or payment information by email. It’s the Self Assessment tax return deadline soon […]

Buy-to-let tax increase being challenged in court

In the Financial Act 2015, the government included new clauses which mean that buy-to-let landlords will no longer be able to offset their mortgage costs against their rental income before paying tax on their profits – effectively, an increased tax bill from HMRC. Steve Bolton and Chris Cooper, two private landlords, aim to secure a […]

HMRC Which Survey

No quick answers from HMRC We’ve heard of playing hard to get – but HMRC win all the medals for keeping taxpayers at arm’s length. If you want to ask them any questions during the day, your average waiting time will be 38 minutes before reaching an actual human. After 6 o’clock, this increases to […]

Happy New Year

2015 has been a great year at Tax Rebate Services thanks to you. With more new tax services coming in 2016 we hope to be able to help even more people with their tax affairs.   Tax Rebate Services opening hours We’ll be open on the 29th, 30th and 31st  of December as normal so if you need […]

2016 Tax Return Deadline

Avoid the hassle and get your Self-Assessment Tax Return filed before the deadline.   Don’t do it to yourself! We know there are a million and one things to organise at this time of year, but don’t ignore the looming 31st January deadline. There’s only one way to stop your inner voice nagging you to […]

Merry Xmas 2015!

We would like to wish all of our clients old and new a Merry Xmas! Thanks to everyone for another great year at Tax Rebate Services.   Tax Rebate Services Xmas opening hours The office will be closed on the 24th, 25th, 26th, 27th, 28th and 31st of December and 1st of January 2016. We’ll be open […]

HMRC ‘Taskforces’ recoup £109 million in just 6 months.

The Tax Office has recently released the figures that demonstrate their success in the last six months of this tax year – £109 million back into the public purse. Broken down, in the first quarter they recovered £64.9 million – double the amount for the same period in the previous year. HMRC launched its first […]

HMRC New Online Accounts are here

The new HMRC personal tax accounts are here. The idea is that they will eventually replace the annual Self Assessment tax return system. According to HMRC the system will be similar to online banking and will let UK tax payers see their personal information and make payments at any time during the tax year. The […]

Dividends Allowance Guide

The previous Dividend Tax Credit system will be replaced by a new Dividend Allowance in April 2016.   This allowance is for anyone who has income from dividend payments and essentially means that you will not have to pay tax on the first £5,000 of your income from dividends; this applies regardless of your non-dividend […]

EIM 32915 Professional Fees Tax Rebate

Claims for income tax relief for professional fees and subscriptions are made under EIM 32915.   If you belong to a professional body or a Union you might be able to claim income tax relief on that cost. But first, the professional body must apply to be part of this agreement with HMRC. After a professional […]

How to Pay Your Self-Assessment Tax Bill

There are several different ways you can pay your tax bill to HMRC. Most people are aware that there are substantial financial penalties if you miss the payment deadlines, as well as being charged interest payments. It is crucial that you consider the length of time it takes payment to reach HMRC, when you are […]

Savers and Investors Lower Tax Bills

Maximising your legitimate allowances and minimising your tax bill is not the same as hoarding thousands in an offshore tax haven; it’s simply good common sense. The latest changes coming into effect in April 2016 particular affect people who have any investments or savings. So don’t miss out on how you can cut your tax […]


The Public Accounts Committee has hammered HMRC again in their most recent report. It identifies HMRC’s failings on two fronts; tax avoidance and evasion, and, unsurprisingly, customer service. How HMRC performs effects everyone from PAYE tax payers all the way through to multi national companies.   The Labour MP Meg Hillier, who chairs the PAC, […]

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