HMRC Emails Real of Fake?

Got an email from HMRC? Make sure it’s genuine before you reply.   In February 2014, it was reported in The Telegraph that HMRC received 23,247 reports of fraudulent emails sent just in the 3 month count down to the 31st January self-assessment deadline. Imagine how many were actually sent if that was the number reported! […]

Non Resident Pension and Savings Tax Relief

There are thousands of British non-residents unnecessarily paying UK tax on their UK income, savings and private pensions. This is often due to UK non- residents not knowing the facts about their tax situation or because they haven’t informed Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs of their status.   Income Tax is automatically deducted from your […]

Refer a Friend and earn £25!

We love a referral at Tax Rebate Services. Lot’s of our client’s let their friends and family know about us – especially after we’ve just got them a tax rebate! Our new refer a friend scheme let’s more people in on the action and it’s never been easier to start earning.   It’s really easy. […]

Tax Rebate Services Donates £10k to NSPCC

Tax Rebate Services are proud to announce that we’ve given away almost £10,000 to the NSPCC.   We’ve donated an eye-watering £9649 to the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children which is a fantastic achievement.   Without our client’s using our range of tax and accountancy services none of this would have […]

Job Seekers Allowance Tax Rebate

It’s common to be owed a tax rebate if you have had a gap in employment but it’s important to remember that you will normally need to pay tax on any Job Seekers Allowance payments depending on the amount of other income you have.   What you need to know Job Seekers Allowance is a […]

British Association for Nursing Cardiovascular Care

According to the British Heart Foundation there are currently 2.3 million people in Britain who are living with coronary heart disease. Every one of those people are being expertly cared for by a nurse who specialises in cardiovascular care.   Do you belong to The British Association for Nursing in Cardiovascular Care? You should be reclaiming […]

Taxpayers’ rights eroded by High Court judgement

As we recently reported, HMRC have been granted extensive new tax collection powers which include taxpayers having to pay tax bills within 3 months, or face having the money removed from our current accounts and ISAs. You could also face additional charges and fines if HMRC think that you have been abusing the tax relief […]

MAC Tools Event September 2015

Thanks again to everyone at the MAC tools event September 2015! Lot’s more tools providers signed up to our Tool Providers partner program. This means many more happy tool providers earning £30 for each referred client and Mechanics getting an average of over £900 tax back on tools bought for work. Get in touch If […]

2015/2016 Important Tax Dates

It’s nobody’s favourite ‘to do’ task, but being suitably organised can really take the stress off handling your own tax affairs. We have complied a list of HMRC’s deadlines and dates for the tax year that runs from 6th April 2015 to 5th April 2016 and included some extra bits of useful information. Not everything […]

2014/2015 Tax Return Deadline

October – Harvest Festival, Hallowe’en and the deadline for filing your paper self-assessment tax return!   HMRC must receive your paper tax return for the 2014/15 tax year by 31st October 2015. Postal delays will not be considered a valid excuse! There is an automatic £100 fine for late submission, but you can avoid this […]

HMRC 7.2 Billion Extra Income

HMRC’s extra funding + new powers = £7.2 billion extra tax revenue   That is the figure given by the Chancellor after investing £750million in HMRC and granting a host of new tax collection powers within the 2015 Summer Budget. This forms the government’s two-pronged solution to meeting targets for tax evasion prosecutions.   Mr […]

HMRC Scam Emails and Texts

It never goes away… Scam HMRC emails have been around for years and they don’t seem to be stopping. In some cases people are even receiving texts. The emails tell you that you’re owed a tax rebate and then requests your personal information in attempt to steal bank details. Nick Lodge, Director General of Benefits […]

HMRC Online Tax Evasion

HMRC requesting increased powers to tackle online tax evasion HMRC consider that there is a “hidden economy” of businesses and individuals who operate online and do not pay the requisite amount of tax on the money they make. They estimate its worth at an annual £5.9 million pounds in missed tax payments. They have submitted […]

UK Secondment EIM77010

This article examines issues relevant for those employees sent to work in the UK by an employer based overseas. The examples below are drawn from those experiences. This article explains the approach to benefits and expenses paid to employees who are on secondments of periods less than 24 months. Employees who attend a place of […]

HMRC clamps down on online traders

Do you use Ebay, Airbnb, Paypal, Google and Apple app stores, or any similar trading website? Then government plans to further extend HMRC’s powers will affect you. In 2013 HMRC were given authorisation to access information from our credit and debit card transactions. Now they want to be able to obtain information from internet companies […]

Savings revolution – fill in your tax return or face a fine?

The ‘revolution’ Details about George Osborne’s ‘savings revolution’ were unveiled during this year’s budget announcements and include the new Personal Savings Allowance. Designed to encourage people to save, this policy will mean that 17 million people will not be taxed on their savings. If you are a basic rate taxpayer, then you can earn £1,000 […]

Hairdresser Tax Rebate

Are you working as a stylist or colourist in a hair salon? Do you run your own mobile business that provides hair styling and/or colouring to clients in the comfort of their own home? Do you know about all of the work related tax reliefs that you are entitled to?   You combine your expert […]

Chancellor championing the self-employed?

During the 2015 Budget announcement, George Osborne revealed two planned changes that were presented as benefitting self-employed taxpayers; abolishing the annual paper tax return and Class 2 National Insurance payments.   No more annual tax return! The Chancellor described the first change as a “revolutionary simplification of the tax collection scheme” which will apparently assist […]

HMRC Tax Enquiries

Taxpayers left waiting 20% longer for the result of an HMRC tax inquiry   Are you waiting for the outcome of a tax inquiry? Well, you’re in for an even longer wait than you might have anticipated.   PFP, an insurance company, submitted a freedom of information act request to find out exactly how long […]

Claim Tax Back on your Holiday Shopping

Did you know that you can claim back the tax you pay on holiday shopping abroad?   Nearly half of the people involved in Direct Line Travel Insurance’s research didn’t know either! According to their results, in the last 2 years, only 1 in 14 people have claimed back the tax on their holiday purchases. […]

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