RMT Members Tax Rebates

National Union of Rail, Maritime and Transport Workers   Do you shell out your hard earned cash for any work related expenses? There’s lots of us that do and there a whole range of tax rebates you can claim for these expenses.   The average tax rebate we claim is over £900.00! So, would you rather your […]

We’ve Moved!

www.TaxRebateServices.co.uk has moved address just down the road to: Number 12 Randall Street Carlisle, CA2 5DW It’s bigger and brighter with a new meeting room for any client’s that need to visit us in person. We’ve kept the move as smooth as possible to make sure that it’s business as usual. Our phone number’s Nothing […]

Pension Tax Bill

Pension Freedom Launches Tax Pandemonium   Are you over 55 and poised to withdraw some of your newly available pension money?   Plans in place? Getting the mortgage paid off? Taking that big holiday?   STOP!!!   Before you go any further, just be aware of the tax implications…it’s not as simple as the original […]

JIB and ECS Tax Relief

Do have you an ECS card from the Joint Industry Board?   You could be owed a large tax rebate for the expenses you have because of your job.   The average tax rebate we get back for JIB members is well over £900 and can sometimes be worth several thousand pounds. Electricians under both PAYE and […]

PCSO Tax Relief

A tax guide for Police Community Support Officers Are you one of the 13,000 dedicated Police Community Support Workers employed in England and Wales? Are you aware that PCSO’s have legitimate entitlement to various tax rebates on work related expenses?   Some background We are not trying to put tax relief on the same footing as […]

Midwives Tax Rebates

Are you one of the thousands of midwives who do an amazing job of caring for childbearing women, new-borns and their families? Do you know that you are entitled to several tax reliefs for work expenses? It is difficult to imagine what could truly make you feel appreciated for the amount of your authentic self […]

HMRC Tax Crime Map

HMRC have brought out an online map showing where the tax cheats in the UK are living. The map also shows the crime they’ve committed and the sentence served letting everyone know the impact of HMRC’s enforcement work. You can see the convictions resulting in jail sentences since April 2013 and the locations of HMRC taskforces […]

Tax Office Helpline Standstill

The new pension regulations bring with them tax implications. This has meant an influx of calls to HMRC from savers wanting to find out more about what will happen if they cash in their pension. It’s reported up to one million people phoned HMRC yesterday which resulted in their phone lines being blocked. Many were cut […]

Working from home Tax Relief changes

Do you work from home? HMRC have changed the flat allowance you’re allowed to claim without receipts, so If you have just started using your home for work or you claim every year here’s what you need to know.   New working from home HMRC rates The agreed rates for working from home have changed […]

Communication Workers Union Tax Relief

Communication Workers Union Are you one of the 199,443 members of the Communication Workers Union?   I thought we couldn’t claim anything for Union fees? You’re right, there is no agreement between HMRC and CWU securing you tax relief on your Union fees. That doesn’t mean there won’t be one in the future and we […]

IFL and ETF Teacher Tax Relief

Do you claim back the tax on your Education and Training Foundation (previously Institute for Learning) subscription fee?   Did you know that you could?   What you can claim As members of The Education and Training Foundation you could be entitled to a number of teacher tax reliefs on workplace expenses. Whether you are […]

HMRC Digital Accounts

The Treasury plugs into digital world with tax system upgrade.   As part of the 2015 Budget, George Osborne revealed plans to abolish the current annual tax payment system. This is to be replaced with digital tax accounts for small businesses and individuals. The Treasury have deemed the present arrangements “complex, costly and time-consuming” with […]

NIPSA Membership Tax Relief

Are you a member of the Northern Ireland Public Service Alliance?   Do you know what tax rebates you’re entitled to claim on your work expenses?   You should find out more to make sure you aren’t missing out.   The Down Side Let’s get this bit over and done with first – you cannot […]

Travel and Subsistence Expenses

Good news for a change!  If you work under PAYE ( not self employed ) you can claim tax relief on travel and subsistence expenses you incur as part of your job. Of course, it’s not as straightforward as simply filling in a yes/no type form. We have to follow HMRC’s regulations which are subject […]

Medical Protection Society Tax Relief

Are you one of the 290,000 members of the Medical Protection Society? Did you know that doctors, dentists and healthcare professionals can claim a tax rebate because they pay into the MPS? In addition to MPS fees there are thousands of medical professionals who are unaware that they are entitled to tax relief on other work expenses. For […]

Royal College of Physicians Tax Relief

Did you know that you can claim tax relief on the fee you pay to belong to the MRCP?   Whether you are a board member, question writer or examiner for the MRCP you will incur work expenses as you fulfil your role. You have the weighty task of upholding the internationally recognised standards of […]

HMRC £100 Late Penalty

HMRC’s new proposals are intended to be fairer to the taxpayer by changing “the way that penalties are applied” under Self Assessment. They have acknowledged that the current regulations make “no distinction between a customer who missed a deadline by a day and someone who has made no attempt to comply at all”.   The […]

Tax Rebate Services & MAC Tools

Thanks for everyone at MAC Tools for another fantastic day at Silverstone racecourse at the weekend. It’s was great to meet so many dealers who we’ve been helping for many years and welcoming new one’s on board. We’re pleased to be working with more MAC tool providers than ever before. Our partner programe has been on the go […]

HMRC campaign focusing on second incomes

Are you certain about your employment status? Has your hobby turned into a nice little earner on the side that’s helped you combat some of consequences of the credit crunch? Do you know that you can be employed and self-employed at the same time? And just because you already pay tax through your employer doesn’t mean […]

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