PCSO Tax Relief

A tax guide for Police Community Support Officers

Are you one of the 13,000 dedicated Police Community Support Workers employed in England and Wales?

Are you aware that PCSO’s have legitimate entitlement to various tax rebates on work related expenses?


Some background

We are not trying to put tax relief on the same footing as the issues you resolve every day. But we do believe that justice should apply within the taxation system and that taxpayers deserve to receive their legal entitlements.

If you spend any money on something that is work related and do not receive any reimbursement, then you probably have the right to make a claim. HMRC cannot just automatically return any overspend to you, you must make an official claim.


What can I claim for?

There is a whole host of tax regulations for work related expenses. The most common, successful claims we make for our PCSO clients is for washing their own uniform.


  • Laundering Uniform

This is worth £60.00 per year and it applies right across the board to everyone employed by the Police Force. If your employer does not provide laundry facilities and you do not get any financial reimbursement for uniform laundry costs, then you can make a claim.


Other expenses you can claim for include:


  • Using your own car

This does not include your regular home to work commute, but means going between different workplaces.


  • Police Federation Membership.

If you decide to take the path to becoming a fully warranted police officer, then you can make a claim for the tax you pay on your Police Federation membership fee.


You are amazing!

The Home Office Report into the Police Workforce identified that 6.2% of total staffing comes from our crucial PCSOs. Over 13,000 people who shoulder tremendous responsibility as part of the frontline police services.

You have increased police visibility by ‘walking the beat’ in your local communities and are involved with an array of anti-social behaviour prevention. PCSOs must strike a tricky balance between approachable communication and calm, solid law enforcement. From detaining a suspect to dealing with truants, from comforting an accident witness to crowd control – ‘demanding job’ seems rather an understatement!


What we do

At Tax Rebate Services we submit bespoke claims for each client which guarantees you receive the maximum rebates you are entitled to.

An initial claim can be backdated for 4 years and a subsequent change in your tax code will see you saving money on tax into the future.

Our accredited accountants will do all of the frustrating paperwork and even communicate with the Tax Office on your behalf. You don’t have to spend any time or effort yourself – give us a call on 01228 520477. Or email us at support@taxrebateservices.co.uk.

Our 30 years of experience has built a 98% success rate and an average initial rebate of £900. We operate a ‘No rebate, no fee’ policy – so you genuinely have nothing to lose and a nice cheque to gain!

Tony Shanks

Midwives Tax Rebates

Are you one of the thousands of midwives who do an amazing job of caring for childbearing women, new-borns and their families?

Do you know that you are entitled to several tax reliefs for work expenses?

It is difficult to imagine what could truly make you feel appreciated for the amount of your authentic self you willingly give to your work. This is at least one way the government acknowledges the financial outlay of your job.

HMRC cannot automatically return this to you, an official claim submission is essential.


What can I claim for?

The list of tax regulations seems never ending, we have narrowed this list down to the most common tax reliefs that we have previously secured for our midwife clients. Tax rules apply equally to both public and private sector.

  • Shoes and tights

This is a very common claim for healthcare workers and is worth £12.00 and £6.00 respectively, per year.


  • Laundering Uniform

This is worth £100 per year for taxpayers in your field. As long as you do not receive any money for laundry from your employer and there are no facilities at your workplace, then you are entitled to make this claim.


  • Fees for some Professional bodies and unions. Subscriptions to some professional journals.

If your professional body or union has an agreement with HMRC – like RCM and UNISON – then you can reclaim the tax you have paid on this cost.


  • Equipment you have purchased for work purposes

‘Equipment’ is defined as, items that your employer has not provided and are necessary to complete your job, it can include laptops and a desk from which to work from home. This relief falls under the heading of ‘capital allowances’ rulings and means that if the item will last for more than 2 years, then you will probably get a refund. You will need a receipt for this type of claim.


  • Mileage and using a private vehicle for work journeys

This does not mean your daily home to work journeys to your permanent workplace. But it does include any travel you do to different locations during the course of fulfilling your work duties. For example, visiting families of new babies at home or running breastfeeding workshops at a community centre.

In comparison to the arrival of new life, with all of the possible complications, your tax affairs may seem trivial. But it is important that you are claiming all of the legitimate tax reliefs you are entitled to as a midwife.

How we can help you
We help Midwives and have done for many years and will submit one bespoke claim, based on your individual situation, guaranteeing your maximum tax rebate entitlements.

Our service will:

  • Fill in all the forms and talk to HMRC on your behalf
  • Backdate your claim for the last four years
  • Change your tax code to ensure you pay less tax in the future

No stress, hassle or time wasting for you. We operate a ‘No rebate = No fee’ policy, so there is no risk to you.

Please give us a call on 01228 520477. Or you can email us at support@taxrebateservice.co.uk

Remember – your money cannot be automatically returned to you. You MUST submit a claim.

It’s almost impossible to define how important your role is before, during and after pregnancy. You are a source of practical advice, a physical presence and emotional support during the extreme joy and, sometimes, sadness of childbirth.

You can deal with all of this and we’re here to take care of the tax bit for you.

Tony Shanks


HMRC Tax Crime Map

HMRC have brought out an online map showing where the tax cheats in the UK are living.

The map also shows the crime they’ve committed and the sentence served letting everyone know the impact of HMRC’s enforcement work.

You can see the convictions resulting in jail sentences since April 2013 and the locations of HMRC taskforces from 2011.


David Gauke, Financial Secretary to the Treasury, said:


“HMRC’s investigators are catching tax cheats in every corner of the country and we want people to be able to see the outcome of this enforcement action.


“HMRC’s new online enforcement map shows tax cheats that when they are caught they can face hefty prison sentences.


“It is yet another example of how the government is making HMRC’s work more transparent.”


HMRC’s Chief Executive, Lin Homer, said:


“HMRC is prosecuting more tax cheats every year and targeting more trades and professions where we have identified that tax revenue is at risk. This map shows the scale of our criminal investigation operations, so tax cheats should be seriously worried that HMRC is coming for them next.”


You can see the map here.

Tony Shanks

Tax Office Helpline Standstill

The new pension regulations bring with them tax implications. This has meant an influx of calls to HMRC from savers wanting to find out more about what will happen if they cash in their pension.

It’s reported up to one million people phoned HMRC yesterday which resulted in their phone lines being blocked.

Many were cut off because the waiting time was too long after spending up to ten minutes navigating the many options.

Some were given a recorded message advising savers to contact pension wise which is the new government service to help people with their pension options.

An HMRC spokesman said:

“We handle around 50 million calls a year and we know that some of our customers struggle to get through on our helplines at very busy times. We are working very hard to improve our service.”

Tony Shanks

Working from home Tax Relief changes

Do you work from home?

HMRC have changed the flat allowance you’re allowed to claim without receipts, so If you have just started using your home for work or you claim every year here’s what you need to know.


New working from home HMRC rates

The agreed rates for working from home have changed from the 2015-16 tax year.

Without having to provide receipts you can claim;

  • £10.00 per month, if you work 25 hours or more.
  • £18.00 per month, if you work 51 hours or more.
  • £26.00 per month, if you work 101 hours or more.

The rates will come into use from the 6th April 2015 and can be used when completing your tax return if you fill one in or when you make an expenses claim through PAYE.



What does HMRC mean by ‘working from home’?

Yes, they do have their own definitions of things! Basically, they require that your contract specifies the necessity to work from home as part of the job. They also accept written confirmation in the form of a letter from your employer stating that you are required to work from home.


If you have volunteered to work from home then your employer must make a contribution to your expenses in order for you to be able to claim tax relief. The most successful claims have been for clients with a recognisable work pattern. For example – 2 days in the office, 3 days working at home.



Are there any other expenses I can claim for?

Lot’s of people who use their home for work have other expenses because of their jobs. It all depends on your own set of circumstances what else you can claim for. Here’s some examples:


  • Other ‘working from home’ expenses.

Generally it is acceptable to claim for the extra expense of lighting and heating your home workspace. This includes gas and electric and any work phone calls.

  • Using your own vehicle

If you make any journeys in your own private vehicle to different work locations or to a temporary workplace, then you can make a claim for mileage.

  • Membership fees and subscriptions

Some Unions, professional bodies and trade journals have an agreement with HMRC so that you can reclaim the tax paid on their fees.

  • Purchasing equipment, protective clothing and work uniforms.

If you have had to buy any of these items for work and have not been reimbursed then you can reclaim the tax you have paid on these items.

  • Laundering a work uniform.

If your employer does not provide you with washing facilities then you can claim the cost of cleaning your uniform at home.


Sounds complicated!

If you’re new to claiming or just need help we can assist you. Often tax regulations are rather complicated. But that’s where we can remove the hassle and secure you the entire tax rebate you are entitled to.

Our accredited accountants submit individualised claims which secure an average rebate of £900.

We can backdate the claim for 4 years and you even get a little interest for the previous years. As we operate a ‘No rebate, no fee’ policy, there is no risk involved in submitting a claim.

We will communicate with HMRC on your behalf, deal with any tricky questions and complete all of the paperwork for you.

Give us a call on 01228 520477. Or email us at support@taxrebateservices.co.uk.

Tony Shanks


Communication Workers Union Tax Relief

Communication Workers Union

Are you one of the 199,443 members of the Communication Workers Union?


I thought we couldn’t claim anything for Union fees?

You’re right, there is no agreement between HMRC and CWU securing you tax relief on your Union fees. That doesn’t mean there won’t be one in the future and we will keep you informed.


But there are plenty of other tax rebates that you may be able to claim!

As the largest UK Union for the communications industry, your members have an impressive array of skills in mechanics, engineering, computing, financial and clerical, manual, call centre and sales.

As a country we could not access the latest technology, rely on a solid communications foundation or even post a letter without you! So, whether you work for Virgin media or Royal Mail group, EE and Santander or Capita, or any of the other companies inbetween, we will get you the tax relief you are entitled to.


Here are the most common tax reliefs we have claimed for our previous clients that are CWU members:


  • Buying tools, uniform or protective clothing for work.

If they are essential to your job, not provided by your employer and you are not reimbursed for their cost then you will be entitled to 15-20% of their total price. You will need receipts as evidence.

  • Washing your work uniform.

If you do not have any laundry service provided by your employer then you can claim the cost of washing your uniform at home.

  • Fees for professional bodies, unions and some journal subscriptions.

At the moment the CWU does not have an agreement with the tax office, but many organisations do so it’s worth checking.

  • Using a private vehicle for work travel.

This does not mean your daily commute to and from a permanent workplace. But if you have to travel between sites, or have a ‘temporary’ workplace, then you are probably entitled to mileage payments.


At Tax Rebate Services our accredited accountants will submit one bespoke claim which guarantees all the rebates you are entitled to. We can backdate an initial claim for up to 4 years and the resulting new tax code continues the tax savings into the future. We operate a ‘No rebate, no fee’ policy.

You don’t have to fret over the paperwork or wait in the infamously long Tax Office phone queues. After an initial conversation we can communicate with HMRC on your behalf and accurately complete all of the necessary forms. It’s a hassle free, risk free option with an average £900 cheque waiting at the end of the process.

Give us a call on 01228 520477. Or email us at support@taxrebateservices.co.uk. Get back what you are legitimately owed!

Tony Shanks

IFL and ETF Teacher Tax Relief

Do you claim back the tax on your Education and Training Foundation (previously Institute for Learning) subscription fee?


Did you know that you could?


What you can claim

As members of The Education and Training Foundation you could be entitled to a number of teacher tax reliefs on workplace expenses. Whether you are a fellow, full, associate, affiliate or companion member you can claim back the tax on the cost of your membership.

Here are some other common expenses that we have successfully claimed for members of the Institute for Learning and The Education and Training Foundation.


  • Working from home.
  • Buying and laundering work uniform or specialist clothing.
  • Membership fees for professional bodies and unions ( like the NUT ) and the subscriptions costs of some professional journals.
  • Using your own vehicle to get between different work locations.
  • Purchasing equipment or tools that are necessary for your work.


And with an initial claim we can go back up to 4 taxpaying years!


How you can claim your money back

Some taxpayers would rather let The Tax Office keep their tax overpayment than struggle through the process of reclaiming. But all you really have to do is get in touch with us here at Tax Rebate Services.


You will be treated as an individual by our AAT accredited accountants who will ensure that your claim includes all the elements you are entitled to. You can avoid the daunting prospect of talking to HMRC by letting us handle all communications on your behalf. That includes form filling, phone queries and chasing the progress of your claim.

You can spend your precious home time on more rewarding pursuits than translating ‘tax-speak’ – we are already fluent!


We cannot promise to deliver the kind of life-changing opportunities that you provide for your learners. But we are experts in achieving legitimate, accurate tax rebates for our clients that work in the Education sector.


So, whether you are a tutor, trainer or support worker in a workshop, prison or college, please get in touch. Don’t let HMRC keep any more of your hard-earned money than they should!

Just fill in our short, simple form at support@taxrebateservices.co.uk or call us on 01228 520477.


Remember – no rebate = no fee.

Tony Shanks

HMRC Digital Accounts

The Treasury plugs into digital world with tax system upgrade.


As part of the 2015 Budget, George Osborne revealed plans to abolish the current annual tax payment system. This is to be replaced with digital tax accounts for small businesses and individuals. The Treasury have deemed the present arrangements “complex, costly and time-consuming” with 1.8 million companies and 11 million individual taxpayers submitting annual tax returns and it considers that the digital upgrade will simplify things considerably.


Accessibility and accuracy seem to be the two biggest selling points of the digital switch. The new tax account will resemble an online bank account that you can access on any piece of technology – smartphone, iPAd, computer – at any time of day or night.


Accuracy will be increased as businesses can stream their latest financial details to HMRC, which means they no longer base tax bills on old information. Your account will receive electronic notifications from HMRC regarding new information they gather from your employer, banks, pension providers and the Department for Work and Pensions. The combination of up-to-date financial details should see taxpayers receive extremely accurate tax calculations from HMRC.


Another intended bonus of a digitised tax system is that people do not have to ‘pay by a certain date’ but can pay their tax when it is most convenient to them. Taxpayers will have more control over their financial planning with options such as paying tax by direct debit, or in instalments, straight from your bank account.

A skeleton timetable for the roll out of these changes has been discussed. It is expected that the first 10 million individual taxpayers and 5 million small businesses will have functioning digital tax accounts by early 2016. By 2017 a first group of taxpayers with uncomplicated tax circumstances, an unspecified number, will not have to file an annual tax return. It is planned that a total switch over to digital will be up and running by 2020. This will see 55 million individual taxpayers with an online tax account. 5 million businesses will be able to connect their new tax account to their existing book-keeping data and enter relevant information when it is convenient.


If you don’t use the online system for filing your tax return now, the Treasury have provided assurance that you can still file a paper tax return if that is your preferred option. Better the devil you know?

Tony Shanks




NIPSA Membership Tax Relief

Are you a member of the Northern Ireland Public Service Alliance?


Do you know what tax rebates you’re entitled to claim on your work expenses?


You should find out more to make sure you aren’t missing out.


The Down Side

Let’s get this bit over and done with first – you cannot claim a tax rebate on your NIPSA membership fees because there is no agreement established between NIPSA and HMRC – unlike other professional bodies like the NMC.

This is despite the fact that NIPSA is the largest trade union in Northern Ireland with more than 45,000 members. The jobs you do in civil and public services are crucial to the efficient functioning of the entire country – getting some tax relief on fees would be a nice thank you.

If an agreement is made between HMRC and NIPSA in the future allowing tax relief on membership fees we will be the first to let you know.



The Up Side!

NIPSA represents an amazing breadth of professionals so there is probably at least one work expenses tax relief that applies to you.

Which of these work expenses do you pay?

  • Washing your own work uniform where no laundry facilities are provided by your employer.
  • Buying equipment, tools and protective clothing for work.
  • Carrying the cost of tights and shoes that are part of work uniform, particularly for our healthcare workers.
  • Working from home when it is stipulated within your work contract.
  • The fees for some professional bodies and subscriptions to professional publications.
  • Using your own vehicle to travel between places of work is part of your job description. (This does not mean a daily commute between your home and a permanent workplace.)


Whether you are part of the Civil Service Group or the Public Officers group your eligibility remains the same. Regardless of your pay grade or if you work in an office or on a ward, you can legitimately make a claim for tax that you have overpaid.



More good news!

  • You get 20% or 40% of your work expenses back, depending on the rate of tax you currently pay.
  • We can make a backdated initial claim for up to 4 years’ worth of work expenses. There is even a small interest payment on previous years!
  • The first thing we do is check your tax code, so if you have made past tax rebate claims we will see whether or not your tax relief entitlement has already been applied.
  • After making a claim, you will get a new tax code that ensures you pay less tax in the future.
  • This is a private arrangement between you and HMRC, your employer is not involved and is not liable to pay any rebate. You have already given the money to HMRC, it’s just sitting there waiting for you to come and collect it!



Sounds a bit daunting and time consuming….

That’s where we come in! We have a ‘No Rebate = No Fee’ policy – so no risk to you!

Our accredited accountants will deliver a bespoke claim that ensures you receive the maximum tax rebate that you are entitled to. We can complete all of the paperwork and communicate with the Tax Office on your behalf.

Give us a call on 01228 520477 or email us at taxrebateservices.co.uk. You don’t have to spend any of your valuable down time or be frustrated by complicated regulations and endless phone queues.



  1. This is your money.
  2. You MUST make a claim! HMRC cannot automatically give you back your tax overpayment, you need to help them by submitting an official claim.

Tony Shanks

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