Scottish Rate of Tax

Do you live in Scotland? Find out what the Scottish rate of tax is and how it effects you.

10% Wear and Tear Allowance

10% Wear and Tear allowance for landlords has been stopped. Find out what the change means for you as a landlord.

HMRC Cancelling SA Penalties

HMRC can cancel your SA penalties if you have tried calling them but couldn't get through. Find out more if you have late penalties.

Which State Benefits are Taxable?

What benefits do you have to pay tax on? Find out which benefits are taxable and non taxable to make sure you only pay tax on the one's you need to.

New Uniform Tax Calculator

Our new Uniform Tax Calculator can help you find out how much you can reclaim for the last four tax years. The calculator is completely free and really easy to use. It’s designed to help employed UK tax payers who need to look after their own uniforms and protective clothing. It let’s you apply for […]

Landlords Lose Mortgage Tax Relief

Are you a Landlord? HMRC have reduced the amount of tax relief you can claim on your mortgage interest. Find out how the new mortgage tax relief cut will affect you!

Claiming Gift Aid Guide

Gift Aid can benefit both charities and the people that donate. Find out more about how Gift Aid can help you and your chosen charity.

HMRC Making Tax Digital

HMRC is giving everyone an online tax account. What will the new online tax accounts mean for you?

End of the Umbrella Companies

The end of the umbrella company. Find out what has happened and how to claim back your work related expenses from now on!

Panama Tax Haven

Leaked documents confirm the names of people using Panama as a tax haven. High profile UK citizens are involved. What will happen next and will the tax haven be shut down?

Appealing Against a Tax Penalty

Have you received a tax penalty from HMRC? If you have in some cases you can make an appeal to have it cancelled. Find out more about HMRC's appeal process.

Personal Savings Allowance

Do you have savings? It's good news you might not have to pay tax on income from your savings. Find out more about how the new personal savings allowance will effect you.

New Dividend Tax for 2016-17

If you are a company director you could be paying more tax from the 6th April because of the new dividend tax. Find out how much more tax you will be paying!

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