End of the Umbrella Companies

The end of the umbrella company. Find out what has happened and how to claim back your work related expenses from now on!

Panama Tax Haven

Leaked documents confirm the names of people using Panama as a tax haven. High profile UK citizens are involved. What will happen next and will the tax haven be shut down?

Appealing Against a Tax Penalty

Have you received a tax penalty from HMRC? If you have in some cases you can make an appeal to have it cancelled. Find out more about HMRC's appeal process.

Personal Savings Allowance

Do you have savings? It's good news you might not have to pay tax on income from your savings. Find out more about how the new personal savings allowance will effect you.

New Dividend Tax for 2016-17

If you are a company director you could be paying more tax from the 6th April because of the new dividend tax. Find out how much more tax you will be paying!

MAC Tools Event March 2016

Tax Rebate Services at the MAC Tools Event Silverstone March 2016. If you are a tool dealer find out how to make an additional income by passing on our service to your clients.

Overpayment Relief Claims

Have you completed a Tax Return and need to amend it? Find out how to make an overpayment relief claim so you don't miss out on what you are entitled to.

CIS Gross Payment Status

Are you a CIS Sub-Contractor? Find out about more about getting CIS Gross Payment Status. You can receive all of your pay without CIS tax being deducted helping you with your cash flow.

EIM32546 Training and Education Tax Relief

EIM32546 tells you about what tax relief you can reclaim on the cost of education and training costs incurred as part of your job. Find out more so you don't miss out on the tax relief you are entitled to.

Property Let Campaign

Are you a Landlord and not declaring your rental income? Find out more about the Property let Campaign to avoid higher HMRC penalties and investigation.

HMRC Targeting Online Economy

Are you making money from selling on the internet? HMRC are targeting the hidden online economy and they have new powers to demand the tax they are owed!

Tax Relief for JRCPTB fees

Are you a member of the Joint Royal Colleges of Physicians Training Board (JRCPTB)? If you are you can claim tax relief on your membership fees and other work related expenses. Find out more about what you are entitled to.

Tax Relief for Doctors Training Fees

Claiming back tax relief for training fees as a Doctor can be confusing and time consuming. The rules surrounding tax relief for training fees are complex. Find out today if you can claim back tax relief for your training fees and other work related expenses.

EIM61018 Tax Relief for Doctors Explained

EIM61018 explains if a Doctor can claim tax relief on training costs. Find out what EIM61018 means for you and what tax relief you are eligible to claim for as a Doctor.

TRS donates over £10,500 to NSPCC

Tax Rebate Services has now donated £10,542.55 to the NSPCC. Wendy Bates North Head of Region NSPCC visited Tax Rebate Services HQ to thank us for our fund raising efforts.

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