Do you need a Loan?

Whatever the reason for your loan, you want to know that you’ve got the best possible value from your lender. Taking on a debt is a big responsibility to factor into your overall budget. Being in the midst of all the surrounding sales-speak and technical terms can be rather daunting. In our Loan section of TRS Money, you will find up to date information about getting a loan all in one place and written in uncomplicated language.

The sub-sections include details about:

  • Loans explained: including the difference between secured and unsecured loans, which strongly affects interest rates
  • How do companies work out how much I can borrow? It’s not always the advertised figure.
  • What is the APR? Including what it stands for
  • Getting the best loan for you

Loan Calculator

This free loan tool from the Money Advice Service is great for people already paying off a loan and those who are investigating a new one. For people already with a loan, it gives you a good guide to how long your repayments are going to last. If you are researching getting your first, or a new, loan, you can use it to calculate how much it is going to cost in monthly payments and in the long term.

Tax Rebate Services Money

At TRS Money we consider this just our starting line-up of information. We will add relevant updates like government policy changes or announcements from loan industry leaders. You will always find accurate information that is written clearly and some links to additional sources if we think they might be helpful to you.

It is crucial that people are able to make their own financial decisions based on their own knowledge. But no one has the time for prolonged internet research, particularly when you need to fact check dubious sources. Accuracy is not an option when it comes to money matters. The consequences of borrowing from the wrong source, or ending up with an inappropriate loan deal are way too serious.

Keep an eye on our page for all the latest in loan facts and figures.



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