Reclaiming Tax

5 Tips For Reclaiming Tax

Many employed people are able to make a tax reclaim – You could be one of them! Reclaiming tax can be done for the last four tax years for a variety of reasons. We have put together five tips to show why you can reclaim tax;

Reclaiming Tax

1. Do you wash your own uniform?

If you have to wear a uniform with a logo on for your job and you are responsible for washing it, and are not reimbursed by your employer for these costs, you can make a uniform tax reclaim.

2. Do you pay for your own travel?

Reclaiming tax is common for those who rack up travel expenses whilst working. If you travel for work, other than normal commuting, mileage tax relief is usually available. Other travel related expenses, such as food and hotel costs should you be required to travel away from home for your job, can also allow you to reclaim tax.

3. Do you buy your own tools for work?

Many people, for example mechanics, are required to purchase their own tools or other equipment for use at work. If this is the case for you it is likely you will be able to reclaim tax relief for these purchases.

4. Do you pay professional fees or subscriptions?

A lot of professionals pay subscription fees into unions or other professional bodies. This could be a nurse subscribing to RCN, Unison or NMC, or a teacher who pays fees for membership of NUT or NASUWT. These payments are eligible for tax relief. If you are work in healthcare or education and pay fees for subscriptions to professional bodies it is likely that you could make a tax reclaim.

5. Have you have left or you are leaving the UK?

Anyone who has been resident and worked in the UK and has left, or is about to leave, to live in a different country could potentially reclaim tax. The possibility for reclaiming tax in this instance is high as it is common that when someone leaves the UK they do so part way through the tax year and therefore have not used their full tax free allowance. Other reasons for being eligible for a tax refund upon leaving the UK include having been on the wrong tax code and not having claimed back all tax relief available for work related expenses.

Who Can Reclaim Tax?

If you fall into one of the above categories it is probable that you could reclaim tax. As long as you have been working and paying tax at some point in the last four years you can potentially make a tax reclaim.

How Long Does A Tax Reclaim Take?

Reclaiming tax takes between 6-12 weeks on average, but this depends on the type of claim you are making.

How To Reclaim Tax?

It can be difficult and time consuming to reclaim tax, especially if you do not have all the records and paperwork HMRC ask for. can help you reclaim tax that is owed to you easily and safely. We have a 98% success rate and average tax reclaim total of over £900!



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