Tax Rebates For Sports Coaches

Tax Rebates For Sports Coaches

Employed sports coaches are great examples of people who could be due a tax rebate and don’t even know it!If you are employed and incur costs because of your work duties it is likely tax relief can be claimed on those costs. has helped numerous types of sports coaches claim back tax relief for a variety of reasons.

The average tax rebate is £900 due to the fact a claim can be made for the last four tax years, so if you think you could be eligible you should make a claim as soon as you can.

Tax Relief Can Be Claimed For:

Specialist clothing such as football boots or trainers

Washing of uniform or specialist clothing as long as the cost is not reimbursed by your employer

Using your own vehicle to travel to temporary workplaces – for example a football coach traveling to different schools in the community

Membership fees paid into some professional bodies

About offers expert tax help to professionals to claim back tax relief for job related expenses. Using qualified professionals a claim is easy, safe and completed in the quickest possible time with

To make a claim call 0845 094 0005 or 01228 520477 or submit a short survey here.


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