Non Resident Tax Rebate Scam

Non Resident Tax Rebate Scam

Letting agents and landlord scams…

We have had a couple of our clients alert us to receiving spam emails asking for personal information, so we thought it best to get this message out there to everyone else who is a UK non resident. Lettings agents and landlords living abroad are being targeted by a series of scams where they are asked to complete NRL1 forms and return them by fax or email.  The targeted individual will receive an email, letter or fax requesting completion of a form NRL1.The victim will also be asked for a considerable amount of personal information. These forms (which may be headed ‘Application for Withholding Certificate for Dispositions by Foreign Persons of UK Real Property Interests’ or ‘Application for a tax-free account and to receive rental income without deduction of tax for Non- UK Residents’) are not issued by HMRC and should only be completed if you are confident that it is legitimate.

If you are still needing your 2011-2012 self assessment tax return completed due to your non resident status we can help further. has a tailored service specifically for non resident landlords and tax payers.



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