Can I claim UK tax back?

Nearly a third of the UK could be paying too much tax so there’s a good chance you could be one of them. We help people like you claim back what they’re due, and save them money in the future too, by paying less.

The onus is on you to claim, meaning if you don’t you won’t get back the tax you are rightfully owed.

We also offer tax return services for UK tax payers living both in and outside the UK. So if you need help filling in a tax return get in touch with us for a competitive quote.

How to claim your tax back

To get the tax back you are owed can be difficult and time consuming. We make it easy, and can make sure you don’t miss out on any tax back you are entitled to.

Tax Rebate Services uses over 30 years of experience to get you the largest possible refund of tax in the shortest time.


Why Tax Rebate Services?

  • No tax back, no fee – so no risk for you
  • Average tax back over £900
  • AAT accredited and regulated – your claim is in safe hands
  • Hassle free – we deal with everything for you
  • Guarantee you the tax back you are entitled to


Claim tax back calculator

To help you find out how much you can claim back just enter your figures in the tax back calculator. Remember you can check for the last four tax years.

Claim tax back calculator

Tax Year (please select):  
Tax Year:2015 - 2016
Gross Pay:£
Tax Paid:£

How does a tax back claim work?

When you first contact us we’ll let you know if we can help right away. Then we’ll:

  • Post or email some simple forms for you to sign and let you know that we’ve got them.
  • Submit your claim to HMRC right away.
  • Track your claim dealing with any questions and correspondence.
  • Guarantee you get the tax back you’re owed
  • Send your tax refund by cheque or BACS transfer

Choose who you use carefully

There’s more to choosing a tax back or tax return service than how much it costs. You need to ensure you’re dealing with a company you can trust, and can offer what you need.

It doesn’t cost you anything to find out how we can help – but could cost you £000’s sometimes £0000’s if you don’t. It doesn’t happen often, but if we don’t think we can help you, we can usually suggest who can.

We offer:

  • Security – our qualified accountants are regulated by the AAT
  • Great customer service – at every stage of your claim
  • No hidden fees – all our fees are clearly stated so you know what you paying
  • Tailored services – everyone’s different so we tailor our services to your needs

Online tax back claim story

Mr Croft has been a bricklayer for over 15 years and has always worked under PAYE. His friend used our service and told him to phone us to see is we could help him as well.

After a quick phone call we found out that we could help Mr Croft claim back for washing his own protective clothing, buying his own hand tools and for using his own car to travel to different temporary workplaces.

Mr Croft signed his forms and gave us his site details for the last four years and within 11 weeks we had secured a tax rebate worth £1230.

We let Mr Croft know he can  also claim back for his food and refreshments bought whilst on site so he’s now keeping receipts to make another claim with us next year.


Don't think you qualify?

You may be surprised

“My mate had used your website and received money back for mileage, I wasn’t even sure if I could claim but I filled in one of your online forms and sure enough I was entitled to a mileage tax refund too. A cheque for £1230 just arrived this morning. Cheers!”

S Crofe, Bricklayer, Wakefield, Received £1230 mileage tax back


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